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Thermal Insulation
Our specialties consist of commercial and industrial insulations, such as both hot and cold hydronic piping systems, indoor and outdoor ducting insulation, steam piping with a wide range of temperatures and pressures as well as below ambient temperatures including ammonia, glycol and other cryogenics.

Applications can also consist of various types of jacketing such as ASJ paper finish, PVC jacketing or metal jackets: stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized, etc. Jacketing may be installed for weather protection, personnel protection, durability, and fire resistance, as well as cleanliness and appearance.

Fire Resistance
Our insulation department is also experienced in applying various types of fire resistance. Included is firestop barrier that seals fire, smoke, water and gas from passing through a pipe or duct penetration. We also install fire retardant blanket for grease duct and plenum applications.

Removable Blanket Systems
For a heavy commercial/light industrial application, we offer a removable blanket system for your piping and equipment insulation needs.
There are several types of blanket setups to choose from:
- Basic heat loss prevention
- Extreme temperature/personnel protection
- Sound attenuating blanket systems

Most blankets consist of multiple layers:
- An inner facing of silicone cloth or stainless steel mesh to rest against the item to be insulated
- The insulating material itself (flexible blanket material depends on application i.e. heat, sound, etc.)
- For a sound attenuating application, we offer an additional layer of sound wave barrier (3/16th thick rubber like material)
- Outer layer of silicone cloth (most common request)
All pads are secured using either a lacing hook and stainless wire system, buckle and strap method or Velcro seam attachment, all designed for easy re-installation by customer personnel if removed for maintenance access.

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